«Asynchronous telemedicine is one of those terms we will need to get used to in the coming years. Although it may sound alien, chances are you have been using some form of it for a while.»

«With the progress of digital health, especially due to the pandemic’s impact, remote care has become a popular approach in the healthcare setting. It can come in two forms: synchronous telemedicine and asynchronous telemedicine.»

«Asynchronous telemedicine, obviously, is the opposite. You share data, questions or medical records but there is no live communication.»

«It can come in various forms, like forwarding a recorded video or audio message to a health practitioner for analysis and examination or sending a recorded health history to a specialist. Text messages and e-mails all belong to this category.»

«More examples include patients sharing images of wounds/symptoms with their doctors, and physicians sharing patient reports with other specialists. Also, symptom survey questionnaires and medical education quizzes belong here.»

Article written by The Medical Futurist



The Medical Futurist