«On Thursday, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that relates to a wearable self-mixing interferometry (SMI) ring that could be used to sense physiological conditions of a user, such as a heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure and more. In some embodiments, the ring could support an OLED display with indicator lights. The ring could be a health device that’s an alternative to Apple Watch to some degree. And while we’re on the topic of health devices, Apple was also granted a patent for the ECG feature for Apple Watch.»

«Apple describes the ring as possibly providing input structures such as switches, buttons, touch screen inputs, voice inputs, and so on. For example, the wearable device (ring #102) including touch sensors and/or force sensors (e.g., integrated into one or more displays of these devices).»

«Further, the input structures of ring may detect force and/or touch inputs, whether static or motions, speed, direction, force, displacement, or other parameters of gestures applied to the input regions, including taps, swipes, multi-finger inputs, single- or multi-finger touch gestures, presses, and the like. Such user inputs may be used to control or modify the operation of the ring.»

Article written by Jack Purcher



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