«This is part one of a two-part series on innovation in cancer care delivery. In part one, we will discuss the complexity of end-to-end cancer care management, the unmet needs and how some emerging digital health players address these concerns. In part two, we will highlight the «next wave» and emerging trends of digital health-enabled cancer care delivery.»

«Patients often struggle to grasp the complexities of the U.S. health system, and this confusion is often amplified after a patient receives a cancer diagnosis. The International Agency for Research on Cancer forecasts the number of new cancer cases worldwide will reach more than 29 million by 2040, compared with just over 18 million in 2018. As treatment protocols advance and people live longer, sometimes conquering one or more cancers in their lifetime, the perfect storm of chronic disease will rise and challenge our healthcare system in a variety of ways.»

Article written by Ian Chiang and Jonathon George



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