«The past three years have necessitated quick thinking and a willingness to adapt to change across every industry. But recent economic and geopolitical turmoil has sown fear and disruption, causing short-sighted revenue grabs and poorly planned returns to the office. In 2023 smart business leaders won’t give in to panic but instead will focus on what matters: embracing efforts that stimulate long-term stability and growth.»

«As we head into the new year, a laser focus on automation will be the defining factor of success. In healthcare, particularly dentistry, creating an integrated digital experience is going to be key in attracting and retaining patients, and for increasing the efficiency of a practice’s operations. Those who commit to building a more automated healthcare experience in 2023 and beyond will be stronger than those who continue on like it’s 2019. Investing in thoroughly planned technical infrastructure will not only reduce overhead and human capital but also elevate the patient experience. Which is perhaps even more critical to the future of healthcare.»

Article written by Paul Vigario



The Journal of mHealth