«The mental health and well-being of the WHO European Region has been hit hard by several large-scale public health emergencies over the past few years, including the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine and an increasing cost-of-living crisis.»

«While mental health services have attempted to adapt to the increased demand, they remain deprioritized and under-resourced, preventing many from getting the help they need.»

«AI and Big Data analytics are seen as novel tools in the planning of mental health services as well as identifying and monitoring mental health problems in individuals and populations. AI-driven tools can harness readily available, real-time data – such as that generated through social media and electronic health records – to effectively plan and allocate resources for mental health services, identify and prevent misinformation related to public health concerns, develop targeted communications to promote behaviour change and predict and intervene early in mental ill health.»

Article written by World Health Organization



World Health Organization