«Designed to provide affordable health monitoring and wellness support at home, the virtual assistant could help providers increase treatment adherence rates and improve health outcomes for aging and chronically ill patients.»

«For patients with complex medication regimens, regular physical therapy or daily vitals monitoring programs, a 3D virtual care assistant can offer on-demand healthcare services. The new RPM assistant, called Addison, aims to do just that.»

«Addison provides a dynamic, ever-changing, emotionally stimulating, personalized experience to the user. Addison can educate, demonstrate, inquire and connect,» said Anthony Dohrmann, CEO of Las Cruces, New Mexico-based Electronic Caregiver, in a statement.»

«People who have impaired vision or unsteady hands struggle with small screens and buttons and can become overwhelmed or lose interest, according to the company. Addison can be personalized by language, gender, ethnicity, decor, location, tone, color, clothing and language. Users can interact with objects, animals, musical instruments and media in the virtual care system.»

Article written by Andrea Fox



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