«We’ve just ushered in 2023, and somehow (every single year without fail) the new year always brings along with it new fitness and health goals for us to achieve. On January 1st, we’re pretty motivated and full of ambition, but as the year goes on, maintaining a strict workout routine, and achieving your goals seems tougher and tougher altogether. But this is where health tech CAN play a significant role! And one such innovative health tech that grabbed my eyeballs, and could honestly help me get fitter in 2023 is Baracoda’s new BHeart, which was displayed at CES 2023.»

«Let’s be honest CES is probably one of the most exciting times of the year for all tech heads, and it always manages to satisfy our tech cravings with a whole bunch of revolutionary products. Daily health tech pioneer Baracoda added another product to this eclectic menagerie with BHeart – it’s latest health fitness tracker that could be Fitbit’s newest competition! Oh, and did we mention BHeart is the world’s first health tracker with an ‘endless’ battery?!»

Article written by SRISHTI MITRA



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