«For us humans, our health comes before anything else. And neglecting digital technology in the healthcare sector can have drastic consequences on our physical and mental well-being. Previously, it was perceived that this sector required face-to-face consultation with healthcare professionals and their patients. However, digitalization has greatly modified this perception, and now, the healthcare sector has become more sophisticated and advanced than ever before. But without knowing the importance of digital healthcare, we cannot benefit from its numerous benefits.»

«As a multidisciplinary concept, digital healthcare bridges gaps between technology and healthcare. It comprises several key aspects, especially software and hardware, that are specifically designed to aid the healthcare industry in executing its digital operations efficiently. Other than them, some of the essential components of digitalization in healthcare are:»

mhealth (mobile health) apps
Electronic Health Resources (EHRs)
Electronic Medical Records (EMRs)
Personalized medicine, and
Wearable devices

Article written by John Harper



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