«We continue to live in a world where our race, geography, income, and positioning in the social strata decide our access to healthcare. Even though economic or social hurdles can be taken care of through external factors, the rest stand as tall barriers for many. Healthcare services are not yet advanced in remote parts of the country, resulting in many people migrating to cities for better healthcare.»

«Digital penetration across the world significantly scaled up post Covid-19, but disruptive tech needs a wider adoption for it to reach these remote locations to make a larger impact. Digital health has been around for some time now and needs to be understood fully to leverage it for the greater good.»

«Providing equal and affordable access to healthcare has the potential to significantly improve patient outcomes as it enables easier access during emergency situations, better manage chronic conditions and late-stage interventions, improve patient monitoring, and help in overall population health improvement. Digital technologies in healthcare can make this possible.»

Article written by Gaurav Jain / Photo by; National Cancer Institute (UNSPLASH)



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