«Healthcare’s comfort level with artificial intelligence and machine learning models – and skill at deploying them across myriad clinical, financial and operational use cases – continued to increase in 2022.»

«More and more evidence shows that training AI algorithms on a variety of datasets can improve decision support, boost population health management, streamline administrative tasks, enable cost efficiencies and even improve outcomes.»

«But there’s still a lot work to be done to ensure accurate, reliable, understandable and evidence-based results that ensure patient safety and account for health equity.»

«There’s no doubt that AI’s application in healthcare has gone beyond «real” in 2019 to significant investment by providers and payers last year. This year, we’ve reported on deeper industry discussions focused on trust and best practices. We’ve featured industry perspectives on the values of deep learning and neural networks and how to clear data hurdles along with announcements of successful studies and, of course, new healthcare AI technology partnerships. Here are Healthcare IT News’ most-read AI stories of 2022.»

Article written by Andrea Fox



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