«Trepidation. That one word describes the uncertain economic climate that gripped corporate and investment decision-makers. If we are to believe the headlines, wallets have tightened – almost closed – and investment in life science and digital health, as a result, has declined. That go-to conclusion takes a simple approach to a complex investment strategy for the digital health sector that has shown great resilience year-after-after.»

«The digital health sector has grown significantly during the past decade, primarily mobilized to address unmet health-system and care needs. From $2 billion invested in 2011, that figure morphed 28-fold to $56 billion in 2021. In the shadow of the COVID pandemic, unprecedented investment poured into digital health during this two-year window, accelerating the adoption of AI, remote patient monitoring, telehealth, digital therapeutics, wearables, VR and more.»

Article written by Gil Bashe