«Valencell, a company known for its work on health sensors found in various smartwatches and fitness trackers, has announced a new product for consumers at CES 2023. The yet to be named device is a cuff-less fingertip blood pressure monitor.»

«It doesn’t work like the traditional thing which sits on your upper arm and needs to be inflated and deflated in order to take a measurement. Instead, this looks to be something akin to a blood oxygen monitor.»

«The gizmo shines pulses of light onto the tip of a finger’s skin to measure blood flow. This is a technology called Photoplethysmography (PPG), which is also used by fitness trackers and smartwatches to measure heart rate from the wrist. The sensor information captured from the finger is combined with your physical characteristics (age, weight, gender and height) to arrive at a blood pressure estimate. Measurements arrive in less than a minute.»

Article written by João Bocas



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