«Your health is all you’ve got, and you can’t change what you can’t measure, so it’s little wonder that health trackers are everywhere. The problem with a lot of them, however, is that in addition to measuring steps and heart rate and what-have-you, they also deliver a deluge of notifications. Nowatch takes another tack, offering a lot of the features you’d expect from a health tracker. The company replaces the watch face with a number of interesting-looking materials, subverting the standard “tiny smartphone display” approach that Apple, Google and Samsung appear to have embraced and the more traditional analog watch look from companies like Withings.»

«The company likes to refer to itself as an “awareable,” reflecting its mission to push back against overstimulation, anxiety and stress. The inspiration for the company stemmed from the company’s CEO and co-founder’s Hylke Muntinga’s streak of bad luck, along with a diagnosis of a rare genetic condition.»

“Five years ago, I lost six of my dear friends in one year. In those moments, you realize that life and death are so close together. Then two and a half years ago, I found out that I’m going blind through a rare disease called PXE. That was a wake-up call not to get lost in distractions. I have to live right now,” said Muntinga in an interview with TechCrunch at CES in Las Vegas.»

Article written by Haje Jan Kamps



Tech Crunch