«The provider of mental health and substance use disorder care is now fully equipped, and boasts high patient satisfaction.»

«Horizon Health Alliance, based in Buffalo, New York, was watching the telehealth industry expand to meet the demand for patients. In the months prior to the declaration of the COVID-19 global health pandemic, Horizon had been making preparations for and testing the implementation of an innovative telehealth system to expand service options for its patient population – persons with mental health and substance use disorders.»

«Horizon noted we could likely reduce wait times for appointments; reduce no-show appointments; eliminate transportation barriers like lack of transportation and/or people medically unfit to drive; eliminate distance between counselor-patient; and engage those hesitant to come onsite, if we offered a secure platform via which counseling and therapy could be effectively conducted,» said Jake Haacker, CIO and security officer.»

Article written by Bill Siwicki



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