«Founded in 2018, Peppy offers gender-related health services through employers, including care for menopause, pregnancy, fertility, early parenthood and men’s health concerns. The company raised a £6.6 million Series A in 2021.»

«In addition to the U.S. expansion, Peppy will use the raise to grow in the U.K., invest in product development, improve its technology, and advance its support services for users and clients.»

«This journey is only just beginning in the U.S. The awareness of menopause in the USA is starting to grow, but it can still often be a taboo topic. We’re honored to know that Peppy will be part of a U.S. healthcare movement that brings gender-specific support issues like menopause to the forefront – just as we have done in the UK,» Peppy co-CEO and cofounder Mridula Pore wrote in a statement.»

Article written by Emily Olsen



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