“Next year will continue to be challenging for the NHS, and in the digital space funding will remain constrained. Despite this, NHS board leaders will continue to look to digital ways of working to address some of the big strategic challenges the sector faces.»

“Through our existing Digital Boards programme, delivered in partnership with Public Digital, and supported by HEE and NHS England, we know that trust leaders endeavour to expand and evolve their digital capabilities to meet current and future operational demands and rise to heightened expectations of patients and staff. Where possible, this will mean investing in digital teams, but will also include upskilling existing staff.»

“For those with electronic patient care records (EPRs) already in place, ‘optimisation’ will be at the forefront of their strategic thinking, while consideration will be needed on alignment or even convergence with system partners. And for those who have secured funding for their EPR programmes, procurement and implementation will dominate the board’s agenda.»

Article written by Jordan Sollof



Digital Health