«As the healthcare sector seeks to use technology in order to consolidate data and improve patient care, wearable technology is flooding the market. From activity trackers to health monitoring devices and more, the growth of private and government sector investment in wearable technology has made this sector an area of interest for investors, manufacturers and consumers alike.»

«Healthcare is a growing industry, and as such, wearable technology is quickly becoming a key player. For example, the Veterans Affairs Department has started using Wearable Technology to measure physical health and performance.»

«The VA uses this technology to help veterans manage chronic diseases such as diabetes or heart disease. The data from wearables can be used to help determine if the patient is taking their medication correctly, or if they are making other lifestyle changes that could lead to better health outcomes.»

«The VA has also found that using wearables can give them insight into mental health issues, like PTSD or depression. This type of information is incredibly important when dealing with veterans who may have trouble communicating how they’re feeling or what they need to improve their health.»

Article written by João Bocas



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