«It’s a good time to be a digital therapeutics startup. The sector is the fastest-growing healthtech segment, and the global market for startups offering digital and app-based treatment is expected to grow from $5bn today to $32.5bn in 2030.»

«Over the past couple of years, VCs have begun to cotton on to the huge opportunity, and investment into startups in the sector grew four-fold to $1.3bn between 2017 and 2022, according to a recent report from Dealroom. That’s despite a pretty hefty dip in 2022, when total investment dropped to $1.3bn, from a record $3.2bn in 2021.»

«In Europe, Germany’s Kaia Health and Iceland’s Sidekick Health were both earmarked as potential future unicorns by a number of founders and VCs last summer — with the latter picking up a $55m Series B in May. A Swiss duo of neurorehabilitation startup MindMaze and diabetes treatment company Diabeloop also raised $105m and €70m last year, respectively.»

Article written by KAI NICOL-SCHWARZ