«While AI is making its mark across numerous industries, one of its most significant single impacts will be the democratization of precision (or personalized) medicine. AI will make it possible, and affordable, for every individual to have access to their genome—to what makes them unique. This is critical: Every human is distinct, and the human body and its interactions with pathogens or diseases differ by individual. Hence, to mitigate the most severe consequences of life-altering diseases like Alzheimer’s and chronic diseases like diabetes, the treatments and protocols should also be uniquely received by the individual.»

«AI-enabled personalized medicine can eliminate much of the guesswork from diagnosis and treatment plans. Personalized medicine shifts the practice from statistics, the law of averages and hopes and prayers for the best outcome to more precisely and explicitly identifying abnormalities within the individual patient based on their DNA, their medical history and their family’s medical history. In short, all of the information that is contained in the individual’s genome.»

Article written by Renen Hallak