«Innovation areas to watch: One of the exciting areas of applied machine learning recently is so-called Generative Tech. Some say it’s the biggest change to the Internet since crypto was invented. Generative Tech is developing at an unprecedented pace and many of us already had a chance to enjoy images created by OpenAI’s DALLE-E or content generated by GPT-3 language model. However real-world applications of generative tech in health are either scarce or non-existent. It would be exciting and somewhat unexpected to see this technology enter the market in 2023 with language models trained specifically on medical literature or patient records. Obviously a myriad of challenges occurs in such an approach – starting from regulatory approval, to clinical validation, preventing bias and defining the intent of use – but I see Generative Tech as an engine potentially powering NLP-based chatbots and virtual assistants.»

Article written by Jasmine Pennic



HIT Consultant