«It isn’t just our planet that’s mostly made up of water. Our bodies, too, have large quantities of water and require a regular intake of fluids to keep them functioning properly. We all know this for a fact, yet few of us take the advice to heart. Those with more active lifestyles are often more conscious of this and hydrate more regularly, but they might not always know the most optimal strategy for the time and amount of water or other fluids to drink. Without sophisticated equipment to monitor your body’s fluid output, you might not know how much to take in. That’s the kind of information that this sensor offers, and it involves nothing more than just slapping a patch on your arm before your run or exercise.»

«The common advice is to drink eight glasses or two liters of water a day, which is fine for most cases and individuals. When you live a more active lifestyle, though, especially if you work out often, when and how you hydrate involves more than that simple metric. Making it a bit more complicated is that different people have different hydration needs and rates of dehydration depending on their activity.»

Article written by JC TORRES



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