«A recent announcement from the Texas Medical Center Innovation (TMCi) noted that various startups, researchers, and entrepreneurs will join the spring 2023 Accelerator for HealthTech cohort and the 2023 Accelerator for Caner Therapeutics cohort.»

«Texas Medical Center (TMC) includes more than 60 medical institutions caring for approximately 10 million patients annually. It also includes campuses focused on research, life sciences, and innovation. TMC Innovation (TMCi) recruits and funds early-stage healthcare companies and entrepreneurs.»

«Two of TMCi’s accelerators, the HealthTech Accelerator and the Accelerator for Cancer Therapeutics, announced the addition of new participants in spring 2023. With eight startups joining the former and 21 participants joining the latter, TMCi aims to build connections between these newcomers and existing researchers and resources across TMC’s campuses to solve clinical challenges and scale their businesses.»

Article written by Mark Melchionna



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