«Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide, with approximately 1.8 million people dying from this disease each year. Most patients are diagnosed after symptoms have appeared and the disease has progressed to an advanced stage (Stage III or IV), which explains the current worldwide five-year survival rate of just 20 percent. In contrast, the survival rate for small lung tumors that are treated at Stage 1A is as high as 90 percent. This significant difference highlights a critical need for the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer at the earliest possible stage.»

«One of the best opportunities to diagnose more small, pre-symptomatic lung cancers earlier is presented by the two million patients in the United States every year who have a lung nodule identified incidentally during chest CT scans ordered for other reasons, such as during an ER visit or after a cardiac event.»

Article written by Ryan Hennen



HIT Consultant