«The next time you strap an Apple Watch or a FitBit onto your wrist, consider this for a second: every statistic saved onto this tiny device -including your heart rate, your blood sugar levels, and even your sleep schedule- could be used to create a database of real-time information on your overall health. (And, by the way, this includes your mental health- as you will find out later in this piece!)»

«As digital health tools continue to progress, one avenue that has opened an array of opportunities for medical providers is that of digital biomarkers, which are basically all the quantifiable, physiological, and behavioral data collected and measured by digital wearable devices. And capitalizing on all of it is Spike, a California-headquartered B2B, software-as-a-service, data-architecture-as-a-service startup. Founded in 2022, Spike has been built as an application program interface (API) that can access all major wearable and internet of things (IoT) providers.»

Article written by Aalia Mehreen Ahmed