«Movano Health turned heads at CES with an ouroboros-esque smart ring designed for women.»

«In the crowded field of fitness wearables, where the mainstream heavy hitter of the Apple Watch heads up a very long tail of typically less pricey and/or more specialist activity tracking bracelets and bands all keen to claim their own patch of data-generating skin, it’s no small irony that differentiation at this point in the market’s run means designing a product to ‘target’ around half the population — as my colleague, TC’s hardware editor Brian Heater, dryly observed of Movano’s pitch for a smart ring called “Evie” last month.»

«But what does a wearable made for women actually mean in terms of utility and design? TechCrunch talked to Movano Health’s CEO and director, John Mastrototaro, to get the inside track on the forthcoming smart ring and delve into its wider roadmap as it works on building a medical devices company whose starting point is simply putting women first.»

Article written by Natasha Lomas



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