«The aim of this study was to provide insight into the perspectives of both psychiatric outpatients and therapists in a forensic setting on the use and implementation of the Sense-IT biocueing app in aggression regulation therapy.»

«The chances of successful implementation and continued use of sensor-based mobile health interventions such as the Sense-IT biocueing app can be increased by considering the barriers and facilitators from patients’ and therapists’ perspectives. Technical or innovation-related barriers such as usability issues should be addressed first. At the therapist level, increasing integration into daily routines and enhancing affinity with the intervention are highly recommended for successful implementation. Future research is expected to be focused on further development and personalization of biocueing interventions considering what works for whom at what time in line with the trend toward personalizing treatment interventions in mental health care.»

Article written by Janna F ter Harmsel, Lisanne M Smulders, Matthijs L Noordzij, Lise T A Swinkels, Anna E Goudriaan, Arne Popma, Thimo M van der Pol



Formative Jmir