«Huma is a digital health company that has developed a “hospital at home” platform to collect real-world data remotely and connect patients and clinical teams virtually. The company raised $130 million in 2021 in a financing round co-led by Leaps by Bayer, the venture capital wing of the German conglomerate.»

«Now, Huma, a closely held British firm that lists AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson among its partners, has completed a project with the main Bayer business. The result is an online survey that poses 15 lifestyle and health questions to determine the risk of an individual developing cardiovascular disease in the coming years.»

«Huma developed the risk-predicting algorithm using data from UK Biobank, a database of genetic and health information from about 500,000 people in the U.K. The algorithm compares each individual’s responses to the questions to the UK Biobank population to predict their risk of cardiovascular disease.»

Article written by Nick Paul Taylor



Med Tech Dive