«Dr Ibtesam Al Bastaki, Director of Investments and PPP (Public Private Partnership) at the DHA, highlighted that Dubai’s strategic location, future-outlook, diverse and growing population, the influx of medical tourists, support and guidance received by investors are some of the reasons that make the emirate a favourable investment destination.»

«Al Bastaki added: “We want to encourage healthcare industries to come from different parts of the world and invest in Dubai. We also want to focus on healthcare startups and technology companies with a special focus on med tech. In med tech we are keen on attracting start-ups and companies in medical devices, diagnostics and digital health. In digital health, the aim is to empower patients with as much convenience as possible by providing them with telemedicine services as well as empowering them by providing them with access to their medical information and devices that will help them monitor their health on a daily basis.”

Article written by Nandini Sircar



Khaleej Times