«The Singapore General Hospital has started training its nurses in IV cannulation using VR technology.»

«A team of SGH nurses, together with Serious Games Asia and sensor solutions developer Microtube Technologies, developed an immersive gamified training module called IV NIMBLE (Nursing Innovation in Mobility-based Learning) to enhance nurses’ training.»

«The module comprises a virtual patient avatar with which nurses can practice talking; a 3D-printed hand which mimics the texture of human skin; and a pressure sensor glove that gauges the pressure of cannulation. It also captures and presents data via an analytics dashboard for review.»

«First tried out six months ago by about 120 SGH nurses, IV NIMBLE is backed by a grant from the Institute for Adult Learning of the Singapore University of Social Science and the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medicine Innovation Institute Adoption Grant.»

Article written by Adam Ang



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