«Will digital assistants prescribe medication, will smart algorithms diagnose patients with malignant lesions based on CT scans while robot surgeons do the dirty work in the OR 20 years from now, ousting doctors completely? Highly unlikely, but there are many fears around the advancement of digital health technology up to the point of medical professionals becoming superfluous. While we believe that fears about technology, especially AI, replacing physicians are unfounded, we should acknowledge the impact of fast-paced innovation happening in healthcare in various medical specialties. That’s what our infographic illustrates. Check it out!»

«Hype and fears around technologies, especially artificial intelligence and smart robots taking over jobs are running high in every industry – and the medical world is no exception. A renowned voice in tech, Kai-Fu Lee, founder of venture capital firm Sinovation Ventures told CNBC that AI will be bigger than all other tech revolutions, and robots are likely to replace 50 percent of all jobs in the next decade. When looking at healthcare and medical specialties, radiology seems to be the prime target: in late 2016, Prof Geoffrey Hinton, the godfather of neural networks, said that it’s “quite obvious that we should stop training radiologists” as image perception algorithms are very soon going to be demonstrably better than humans. Radiologists are, he said, “the coyote already over the edge of the cliff who hasn’t yet looked down.”

Article written by The medical Futurist



The medical Futurist