«The Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) and a suite of digital health and pharma players partnered to launch a toolkit aimed at improving diversity, equity and inclusion in clinical trials.»

«The resources include a guide to each step of a digital clinical trial, shared definitions of terms like «diversity» and «equity,» a list of different digital tools that could be used and the potential benefits and risks, and recommendations on how to effectively use those tools to enroll and retain more trial participants.»

«We actively continue to put people of color, women, poor communities and other underrepresented populations at risk every single day with our failure to change the way we run clinical trials,» Jennifer Goldsack, CEO of DiMe, said in a statement. «It’s been one year since the FDA issued draft guidance for DEI in clinical trials, and while organizations have hired DEI heads, many lack a team, sufficient budget and clear direction to make a real difference. The digital tools available to us today can position us to stop admiring the problem of non-representative clinical trials and actually address the problem.»

Article written by Emily Olsen



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