«I have tested over a hundred digital health devices and gadgets over the past 8 years. And by far the most problematic of all these has been the FreeStyle Libre wireless wearable glucose sensor review. Don’t misunderstand me, the technology is brilliant, the sensor works flawlessly, but boy, regulatory hurdles were making it the toughest challenge. But let’s start at the beginning.»

«I am not diabetic but as a health-conscious person doing what I do (predicting the future of healthcare and medicine), I had been yearning to try continuous glucose monitoring for two reasons.»
«First, I wanted to go through the process to have first-hand experience with how these tools can help patients living with diabetes. Second, I was also interested to see if I can learn new insights regarding my lifestyle, especially my diet, and determine whether such tools can help a health-conscious person fine-tune their habits.»

Article written by The Medical Futurist



The Medical Futurist