«Salistick is a rapid saliva-based pregnancy test that offers women a new and improved user-experience, and high accuracy for early pregnancy detection. Salistick is based on Salignostics’ ground-breaking technology which detects the pregnancy hormone β-hCG in saliva. Traditional pregnancy tests are urine-based and Salistick offers the ability to test anywhere, at any time, and for the testing experience to be shared with a partner and other loved ones.»

«The Salignostics Salistick test is CE-marked and, subject to regulatory approval in the UK, is anticipated to be available in Q2-2023. Salistick will be co-branded Abingdon Simply Test and will be sold through Abingdon’s direct- to-consumer eCommerce platform and through Abingdon’s other pharmacy distribution channels.»

«Salignostics is an Israeli company that since 2016 has been developing technologies which transform saliva into a reliable body-fluid sample for lateral flow immunoassays like this β-hCG Pregnancy Rapid Test. The ingenuity of this technology lies in the ability to overcome physiological obstacles found in the chemical, biological and physical features of saliva. Salignostics’ method provides a revolutionary technological platform for saliva diagnostics across a wide range of possible uses.»

Article written by Med Tech Dive



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