«Digital therapeutics (DTx) are innovative solutions that use meaningful data to provide evidence-based decisions for the prevention, treatment, and management of diseases. Particular attention is paid to software-based in vitro diagnostics (IVDs). With this point of view, a strong connection between DTx and IVDs is observed.»

«The outlook for DTx and IVDs is changing as they are becoming more technologically advanced, and some countries are adapting their device classifications depending on specific features. Our analysis showed the complexity of the issue demonstrating how fragmented are regulatory systems for DTx and IVDs. Differences emerged in terms of definitions, terminology, requested evidence, payment approaches and the overall reimbursement landscape. The complexity is expected to have a direct impact on the commercialization of and access to DTx and IVDs. In this scenario, willingness to pay of different stakeholders is a key theme.»

Article written by Andrea Mantovan, Claudia Leopaldi, Cassandra Maria Nighswander and Rossella Di Bidino / Photo by Hush Naidoo (Unsplash)



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