«Deidentifying data from wearable devices may not be enough to protect users’ privacy, according to a review of studies published in the Lancet Digital Health.»

«The analysis focused on studies that evaluated whether individuals could be reidentified based on biometric signals from wearables. The researchers included 72 studies in their final review. Most focused on using EEG, ECG and inertial measurement unit (IMU) data, like using a device’s accelerometer or gyroscope to measure different types of movement and gait.»

«Overall, 17 studies demonstrated an ability to identify an individual based on EEG. Five of those studies included the recording length needed to identify users: 21 seconds on average, with a median of 12.8 seconds. Eight studies found a way to reidentify users based on ECG, while 13 could pinpoint individuals based on their walking gait.»

Article written by Emily Olsen



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