«Life sciences and healthcare are often considered adjacent but not adjoined worlds: Biopharma enables everyday care, while unmet needs at bedside can, in turn, inform new research.»

«But as digital health and data expand throughout the care continuum, those two previously distinct worlds have become more united. Stakeholders such as payers, providers, pharma and medtech companies have quickly realized the many benefits of exchanging insights and strategies to accelerate transformation.»

«Take recruitment, for example, an ongoing pain point among biopharma companies given that more than 80% of trials don’t enroll on time. Bryan Hill, Vice President of Digital Health and Innovation at Cognizant, explained:»

“If you’re from the clinical research world within biopharma and you’re looking for ways to expand recruitment activity, there are opportunities within healthcare that can help,” he said. “There’s claims data, for example, or the ability to access patients directly through the EHR. It’s that convergence that has become very important, and it’s all made possible by digital transformation. With these new resources, many sponsors can meet recruitment goals within weeks, not months.”

Article written by Bio Pharma Dive



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