«One of the key challenges that researchers have faced with making user-friendly and viable wearables technology is how to eliminate the need for wires or other bulky power sources. Now researchers at Drexel University may have found a way to do this once and for all with the design of a flexible wearable supercapacitor patch that can be integrated seamlessly into the fabric of the device, they said.»

«A team from Drexel’s College of Engineering—working in collaboration with Accenture Labs—developed the patch using MXene, a carbon-based nano-material discovered by researchers at Drexel that is lightweight and highly conductive. The textile-based supercap can charge in mere minutes, and in tests demonstrated capability to power an Arduino microcontroller temperature sensor and use radio communication to transmit data for almost two hours, researchers said.»

“This is a significant development for wearable technology,” said Yury Gogotsi, distinguished university and Bach professor in Drexel’s College of Engineering, who led the research, in a post on Drexel’s news site. “To fully integrate technology into fabric, we must also be able to seamlessly integrate its power source—our invention shows the path forward for textile energy storage devices.”

Article written by Elizabeth Montalbano



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