«Tellus is a virtual patient-monitoring platform designed for assisted living and managed care facilities. This platform delivers health-related information and real-time alarms, enhancing healthcare quality and overall functional excellence. It is a holistic, no-contact, end-to-end system for clinicians, patients, and caregivers that consolidates virtual patient monitoring, elderly care management, remote visits, and clinical records in a patient-oriented paradigm of care.»

«Tellus has developed a wallet-sized gadget capable of delivering tailored, data-driven healthcare by wirelessly sensing vital signs and room habits in a privacy-first approach. Tellus doesn’t employ any cameras, protecting your privacy and self-respect in your own house. Your health is monitored using breakthrough sensor technology, absolutely wirelessly and without the need for any wearables. It employs radar technology to monitor heart rate, respiratory rate, room usage, and falls or accidents without contact while maintaining privacy, confidentiality, and dignity of patients, nursing care staff and organizations in the home healthcare, geriatric care, and caregiving facilities.»

Article written by Unber Shafiq



Health Tech Insider