«International Women’s Day is a great reminder to pause, reflect and focus on the development in women’s health, technologies, and future improvements. This year, for International Women’s Day, the UN highlight ‘DigitALL: innovation and technology for gender equality, which is essential for continuous progression of women’s health.»

«Women’s health has often been overlooked – even though it involves 50% of the population. However, now more than ever, we have begun to understand the difference in health needs and outcomes between men and women. Scientific breakthroughs, new technologies and policies are providing unique opportunities to improve women’s health and avert significant tolls in terms of burden, societal and economic costs.»

«In our digital world, data is everything as it drives innovation, growth, and improvement. Women’s health challenges are vast and complex, but there are ways in making women’s healthcare better, faster, and more efficient with the support of evolving technologies – specifically data collecting technologies as we cannot adjust and improve if we do not measure.»

Article written by TIM SIMPSON



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