«We might not be living in the metaverse quite yet, but Brits are spending more time in online spaces than ever before. 73% of us use social media daily, we each spend over 3 hours a week on video calls, and video sharing platform TikTok was the most downloaded app in 2022. This means that we are also spending a lot of time staring at faces on screens, a fact that is driving a surge in demand for specialist, on-demand treatment for an array of dermatological conditions. With traditional models of dermatology care failing to meet the needs of patients and providers, a new breed of digital dermatology providers are transforming the skincare landscape.»

«Bad’ skin days are nothing new, but the ubiquity of the Zoom call, the selfie, and the ultra high-resolution camera have made us hyper-conscious of the state of our own complexion and the complexions of those around us. 88% of workers recently surveyed admitted to worrying about their appearance during video meetings, explaining the popularity of Zoom’s ‘touch up my appearance’ feature. We’re bombarded with edited pictures of influencers with perfect skin, and adverts for ‘miracle’ products with unintelligible ingredients. All things considered, it is unsurprising that the demand for expert advice and accessible medical guidance is soaring.»

Article written by Miraj Patel



The Journal of MHealth