«ChatGPT refers to an AI model that analyzes language to answer questions and produce in-depth written content that humans can easily understand. The technology, which was developed by OpenAI and launched last November, seems to be dominating headlines lately — from news of its freshly launched application programming interface to announcements from various companies that have adopted the AI bot to reports of the many fun and silly ways that the technology can be used.»

«One healthcare AI expert thinks that the tool could have dangerous implications for the field if it’s not used with the proper context.»

“I think ChatGPT is an awesome advancement. There’s a bunch of really cool things that it can do. But it’s a tool. A hammer can be used to build a house or bludgeon somebody to death — it’s about how you use the tool that matters. ChatGPT is not necessarily scary, but its application in places where it will cause harm is the scary part,” Carta Healthcare CEO Matt Hollingsworth said in a recent interview.»

Article written by KATIE ADAMS



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