«The market demand for data-driven technology solutions in healthcare is on the rise. Today, one-third of the world’s data is generated by the healthcare industry. This data is often complex and is coming from multiple different sources such as personal health information, claims data, clinical trial data, patient surveys, disease registries, population health statistics, wellness apps, and wearable devices. And so, the need for data management technologies continues to grow. In the Future Health Index 2022 report, 56% of healthcare leaders said they are adopting predictive analytics in their organizations. 65% of respondents believed that data brings value to decision-making and offers better patient care outcomes.»

«There is also a growing recognition of the potential for data analytics to streamline clinical workflows and eliminate inefficiencies. Innovative technology solutions can provide insights into areas where processes can be automated, such as appointment scheduling and prescription refills. This can save time and resources, which can ultimately result in cost savings for the healthcare system.»

Article written by Guilherme Macagnan



HIT Consultant