«Healthcare has been pegged as a prime candidate for more AI applications — both to aid in clinical work and to lighten some of the more time-consuming administrative burdens that come around clinical care. Now, Nabla, the digital health startup out of Paris co-founded by AI entrepreneur Alexandre Lebrun, claims to be the first to build a tool using GPT-3 to help physicians do their work — more specifically, their paperwork.»

«Copilot, as Nabla’s new service is called, is launching today as a digital assistant for doctors accessed initially as a Chrome extension to help transcribe and repurpose information from video conversations, with plans for an in-person consultation tool to launch in a few weeks.»

«Following along as doctors see patients, Copilot automatically translates those conversations into different document-based endpoints — eg, prescriptions, follow up appointment letters, consultation summaries — that typically result from those meetings. It’s based around GPT-3, the language model built by OpenAI that is used to generate human text, which is powering hundreds of applications, including ChatGPT from OpenAI itself.»

Article written by Ingrid Lunden



Tech Crunch