«Heart health issues are intermittent and often asymptomatic, leaving issues undetected with individuals unaware of any underlying problem. This presents itself in places where we least expect them, for example Danish soccer player Christian Eriksen or the most recent occurrence with Damar Hamlin. These are athletes in top performance shape who go through comprehensive physicals regularly, yet things are missed.»

«Recent improvements in technology have tried to help but they do not go far enough and end up causing more noise. The question is why is this such a difficult problem to solve? Heart issues have been the no. 1 cause of death for years and yet we are still suffering globally with millions of heart attacks and strokes occurring annually. The problem lies in the nature of heart issues: They are intermittent, making them incredibly difficult to capture. The solution is continuous heart monitoring just like continuous glucose monitoring.»

Article written by WAQAAS AL-SIDDIQ



Med City News