«BlueRock Therapeutics recently announced collaborative partnerships with Rune Labs and Emerald Innovations in BlueRock’s noninterventional clinical study of the effects of Parkinson’s disease. Clinical trials that assess the symptoms and functional impacts of Parkinson’s disease typically rely on single-point-in-time measurements and subjective patient observations, according to BlueRock. BlueRock president and CEO Seth Ettenberg wants to assess Rune Labs’ and Emerald Innovation’ digital health technologies for collecting objective, continuous measures of the effects of Parkinson’s disease on patients.»

«BlueRock is currently conducting an initial clinical study of stem cell-based therapy for Parkinson’s disease. BlueRock plans to release the first study results later in 2023. The next stage in BlueRock’s investigations will be a two-year study with 50 Parkinson’s patients from around the world. The global study will collect continuous data on the disease’s symptoms, progression, and functional impact. This is a noninterventional observation study to learn more about the disease and to assess the suitability of digital health tools in clinical studies.»

Article written by Bruce Brown



Health Tech Insider