«Epicore Biosystems, a digital health company, unveiled their Connected Hydration sweat patch and mobile app at CES 2023. The wearable patch continuously measures sweat fluid and electrolyte losses while also monitoring skin temperature and movement. The patch is designed for individuals in physically demanding fields, such as energy, construction, clean tech, mining, utilities, agriculture, trucking, warehouse packaging, and more. Users can stay hydrated and secure with the device’s onboard alarms and vibrations that activate when fluid loss exceeds 2% of their body weight. The device’s advanced features include multiple biosensors for real-time sweat and electrolyte loss, skin temperature, thermal flux, and motion tracking.»

«In addition, Connected Hydration offers real-time hydration feedback and fluid/electrolyte intake tracking via the mobile app. This feature is particularly useful as it enables people to track their hydration levels over time, making it easier to maintain optimal hydration levels.»

Article written by Unber Shafiq



Health Tech Insider