GE Healthcare has acquired IMACTIS, a small French med-tech company that designed an innovative navigation system to guide medical needles more precisely to their target inside the body.

CT-Navigation uses interactive 3D imaging to show doctors exactly where their needles should go before they actually do the insertion, reducing radiation exposure and variability for ease of use. CT-Navigation is faster and more accurate than conventional 2D CT techniques, making it a useful tool for radiologists worldwide.

The system is compatible with all CT scanners and needle sizes and works with both soft and hard tissue, and its appearance is that of a desktop computer on a trolley. CT-Navigation is an innovative navigation solution for image-guided percutaneous procedures that aims for better patient outcomes, by reducing variability for simple and complex procedures and improving reproducibility.

It has already been adopted in over 80 units in the US and Europe and has performed over 14,000 procedures with 12 independent research studies attesting to its clinical benefits. GE Healthcare aims to integrate the IMACTIS system into its own products and eventually make it a standard of care in major markets including Japan and China.

Article written by  GE Healthcare



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