«Abbott is announcing plans for a three-way collaboration to put forward an automated insulin delivery system in Europe by the end of this year, connected to its FreeStyle Libre 3 wearable glucose sensor.»

» Those blood sugar readings will be fed to a smart insulin pump from Ypsomed as well as a mobile app developed by the University of Cambridge spinout CamDiab, which recently demonstrated that its artificial pancreas software could help control Type 1 diabetes among toddlers and young children. «

“Our CamAPS FX, already approved in Europe, is a highly adaptive algorithm that when integrated with Abbott’s sensor is being designed to communicate with Ypsomed’s insulin pump to provide the optimal insulin dose, lifting the burden of managing a condition that is relentlessly unpredictable day and night,” CamDiab Director Roman Hovorka said in a statement during the International Conference on Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes in Barcelona.

Article written by Conor Hale/ Image by Abbott News