Zurich joins forces with DKV and Google so that its first digital health insurance comes to light, with several specialized services. Customers who take out this policy may have their health status monitored through smart watches. The insurance and services available in this ecosystem use Fitbit technology to monitor user activity, improving the customer experience who can benefit from personalized health and wellness plans.

Digital and face-to-face care is combined, thus adapting to users who trust digital medicine in their first contact, but do not want to give up the figure of a doctor who maintains a relationship with the patient. It is a proactive insurance that incorporates a personalized health prevention plan, such as physical activity or sleep, through the device and always guided by a personal doctor.

The ecosystem also includes new specialized services aimed at meeting the specific well-being needs of certain communities. Through these services created hand in hand with different start ups from Google for Start ups, clients are offered the confidence and support they need in special stages of their lives, always guided by a personal coach.

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