Google is looking to patent a device that can determine «chest conditions from radiograph data» using machine learning. This AI-powered tech processes x-rays of a patient to offer up a preliminary diagnosis by determining the likelihood that a patient has certain chest ailments.

The system relies on a machine-learned «pathology model» which generates «risk data,» meaning it predicts the likelihood that a patent may have issues requiring medical attention. Google noted that the model can be trained to have at least 90% sensitivity (it’s ability to predict true positives) and at least 70% specificity (it’s ability to predict true negatives). The machine learning model is built with a «deep learning system architecture» trained on tons of patients chest x-rays «from a plurality of countries,» Google noted. Once the model determines whether or not a patient has a chest condition, the system creates an overlay on the patient’s x-ray pointing out «visual cues of suspicious areas,» and recommend follow-up actions to the clinician.

The technology aims to aid tuberculosis diagnoses in countries with limited accessibility to testing.

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